Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Starting a Lifebook - next on my agenda

I've already created a memory box for Jano and Liam with their clothes that they was wearing when we got them, the first haircut, the 1st dummy etc... But I did not yet start a lifebook for them...

What is a lifebook?

A lifebook is a record of your child's life from birth.

It uses words, photos, and your child's artwork to chronicle the critical events in your child's life.

Of course, it's written in child friendly terms.

It is the words which are more important than the photos.

It is much more than a scrapbook!

Go and Google - Lifebooks: Creating and Telling Your Child's Story

Some Sites to Visit:

Go now and get a special book that you can mould into your child's Lifebook. A book specially design for your kids by you.

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