Thursday, April 26, 2012

Jano and Liam being silly

Look at meeeeee!
Silly bunny
I'm gonna kick the camera!
Cool Dude 'WhasssUp!'
Jano 'doing the Robot' Liam cracking himself up in the back!
Jump Jump! jump around! Jump!

Random Pics Jan - Apr

Some Random Pics of the little one's
Being silly on the Bed

Cutie pie's

If looks could kill :)

Silly time

Jano and Ouma Ina

all smile's

Brotherly love


Being silly again

I have special mind powers....

Peeka boo!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Jano loves Rugby!!

He is playing Bulletjie Rugby, for his 1st week they played at Tuine, he played 6 games and had 9 tries, 2nd week they played at Villieria, he had 7 games and 14 tries, and his 3rd week they played at Mayville, he had 6 games and 11 tries.

Watch this space!!! we have a Blou Bul in the making!!!!!!

Long time no see!

Yes, we are still in the land of the living! Liam is turning 5 today, can't believe my baby is now 5. Last night when he went to bed, he ask for a birthday cupcake, I said no, but you can have your cupcake tomorrow morning for breakfast. This morning when he woke his 1st words was, MOM! can I have my cupcake now!? LOL!
SuperHero Cupcakes for school