Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Random Pic's

Me and the little one's

Jano - class photo

Liam - last year in his playschool

springbok supporters!

Spiderman Jano

Batman Liam

my precious  - LOVE them to bits!!!!!

Liam - played a piggy (i tried to make him a snout)

They met the smurfs!


DINO!!!!!! roar!!!!

Look Ma! I'm driving

Look Ma! I'm driving too!

The coolest kidz in town!


try to catch some fish....

Love this photo... Pa with the boys...

Batman Liam ... what can I say he loves Batman...


Anonymous said...

they are adorable!

Lisaa. said...

Your boys are really funny.!
Both remeber me to my own family.!

(sorry if my english istn't the best :D )