Friday, December 17, 2010

Jano turned 5

We had his Birthday at Spur.

Helaney and Marianca
Jason, Chania and Stephan
Ouma Pietie with Jano

Its my birthday!!!

The Cake...
Ice cream!!
Mommy and Jano
BEN 10!!!!!

Jason, Jano and Daddy

Mommy and Liam


No boetie Liam! i will blow!!!


led lights said...

nice posting keep blogging,

Shadow Of Me said...

I was just doing net surfing and going to random blogs. and I stopped at your blog by seeing Liam. I must say both you kids are cute. I kept on going through the pictures and then suddenly realised that Liam looks quite like my sister's Son Anshu.
My God bless you and your kids a happy life.

Shannon Dooley said...

Hi there! I just stumbled across your blog & became a follower (I hope that's ok.) I have a close friend who has adopted 2 children & find stories of adoption heartwarming. We struggled getting pregnant with our daughter (6 months) so anyone who has fought hard to become a Mom, I feel a connection to. :) Thanks for sharing your story. Have a great week!

Pandora said...

Your kids are so cute! I love the photos. We also adopted a little girl, she will be 2 soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Melanie
I have been following your blog for a while now. You inspired me and helped me make the decision of adopting my boy, who will be 2yrs next month - Also through Procare in CT, he was 3 weeks when i got him.
I cannot explain the joy and fulfilment - we are a complete family now.
Thank you, Annie