Friday, March 19, 2010

Name Change saga - The End!!

Can you believe it! Liam is turning 3 in April, we received confirmation that his name is now changed to Liam on his birth Cert last month. So the name saga is over and done with! he is now Liam Voordewind. YEAH!Nou kan die arme bloedjie gedoop word! Shame he develop Croup... so he is being a baby the last month or so, and he thinks that gives him the right to sleep in our bed...

Jano on the other hand is turning 5 this year and CANNOT wait to go to GR R we must drive EVERY day past the 'groot skool' - Jano is super super intelligent. he is very healthy and happy LOVES to play and just about adores anything that has got to do with Dino's... he was even a T-Rex for a while, walking with short arms and roars at anything... (grin)

Mamma en Pappa is taking a mini break in April so the 2 little ones will be staying with their Grannie, shame i'm gonna miss them!!! But on the other hand.. i'm gonna have my first LATE morning sleep in years!!!!

Enjoy your weekend!

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