Thursday, August 06, 2009

Name Change Saga - cont...

So we have faxed all our 'evidence' and they have received the acknowledgement of receipt, copy of birth certificate, proof of payment and adoption order but... now we must go back to the branch were we handed this in and RE-SUBMIT all paper works!

We were there on the 21st of Jan 2008 will all documentation, (all originals) we only have stamped copies at the moment because you get the originals back in the post when you get the new birth certificate.

So I asked them WHY? We did fax you everything thru?

Their answer?

"Head office is requesting you to kindly visit your office of application to re-apply for the personal amendment.
Once the application is filled out and stamped, kindly fax it along with the proof of payment.

Please note that the case resolutions team requested that you resend the application forms as they are needed for their archives. Also be advised that, head office will only accept the copies of the application if they are stamped and signed by the office of application. We do understand how inconvenient this must all be for you, but please understand that we are conveying a message from the department that is dealing with your child’s application. We are requesting all the information and documentation that the case resolution team is asking for in order for them to complete your application. Again we do apologize for the trouble and frustrations you must be going through, but kindly fax us the required documentation in order for this case to be finalized."


I DONT UNDERSTAND... we fax all evidence thru now we must go back with the evidence to re-apply???

Maybe I’m blond but if it is done and we have all proof why do we need to re-submit?

Another pissed off day for me.. Last time we stood in line for 4 hours! So now I must go to my uptight Team leader and ask for time off.. damit!

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