Friday, June 19, 2009

Some updates

Jano is now 3 years 6 months. He is very very busy. Absolutely LOVE to build puzzles. He can now built 35 pieces without any help. And he is constantly asking me for more difficult puzzles. He talks NON stop always but always wants to have the last word. He loves attention. He hates to cleanup LOL! he is now starting to color within the lines he usually colored the whole page :-) yesterday he brought me his color page - a green sheep. I asked him way is the whole sheep green... he looks at me and said. You mamparra the sheep eats green grass now he is green LOL! Mamparra is now his fav word. Sigh. I tried to explain to him it is not nice to say but ja we will see when he understands that. He is since January completely Potty Trained! YEAH! Liam is now 2 years 2 months. WE ARE STILL struggling with a sleep routine! I am 1 very tired mommy... he now sleeps in our bed because he cries until he starting to throw up. So to avoid that trauma he is now a king-size bed rester... that is the only negative i can say about Liam, he is actually a adorable fun giggling child.. He is now starting to combine words, and he is constantly bugging Jano, he grabs Jano's puzzles and then run with it, hiding stuff and loves teletubbies. Liam is about 60% Potty trained. he still have accidents and still go to be with a nappy...

It is going klopdisselboom with Johan and me.. My mom is now staying with us. That is helping us tremendously! She cooks and help with the kids... we can actually go out now! Mom is there to baby-sit.

Can't wait for December I’m going to take 3 weeks leave.


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